Janeen Leah

Janeen Leah

When Janeen released her self-produced debut album, ‘Time is Never Wasted’ in November of 2005, it immediately received glowing reviews and was picked as ‘Best Album of The Year’ by Morley Seaver at antimusic.com.

Known for captivating audiences with her powerful, soulful voice and raw emotion…the stage is where Janeen truly shines. Music Connection said it best; “Leah’s pure, sweet, melodic vocals soared over a perfect blend of instruments as she performed each song, leaving the audience wanting more.” And when compared to iconic female influences throughout pop culture history like Janis Joplin, Music Connection went on to say; “Leah could carry the torch for a new generation of female singers.”

In August of 2009, Janeen became an international artist when she flew to Bombay, India to record a collaborated album with Bollywood musician, Tushar Parte at Tushar’s request. The album was recorded live, in one take on analog format. Named ‘Some Rhyme Some Reason’, it released February 13, 2013 through CD Baby and iTunes.

In 2010, Janeen signed with indie label f. Boo! Music in Los Angeles with producer Keven Brennan. In July 2011, the first single with the label, ‘Life Eternal’ was released. An EP release with f. Boo! 'Right In Front Of Me' released January 1, 2013 through CD Baby and iTunes.

In November 2012, Janeen Leah Band was formed with Michael Burke and Michael Garza on guitar with each bringing in their own style and elements to the music. Plus a solid and grooving rhythm section, Alfredo Iraheta on bass and Art Williams on drums. Whether it be the intimacy of a solo acoustic show or the high energy of an electrified full band show, Janeen Leah Band always delivers. More info on Janeen Leah Band at janeenleah.com/the_band

Janeen released her 4th title on July 12, 2014. A co-write EP with Cliff Goldmacher called 'Bird In a Cage' featuring the duet, 'Go To Bed'. Available as download only on iTunes or Amazon.  Cliff Goldmacher is an accomplished songwriter and producer whose credits include Jane Monheit, Spencer Day, Ke$ha and many others. Check out cliffgoldmacher.com

Also in July of 2014, Janeen was the Music Director at a Girls Camp through The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints and there she and the girls wrote an inspirational song called "On My Way" and recorded it with producer, Keven Brennan.  It released as a promo single through fBoo Music.  The free download is available at fboo.com

On April 4, 2015 fBoo Music released a duet single with Janeen Leah and UK artist, Scott Cowie.  "What's For You Won't Go By You" is only available as a download on iTunes.

 Janeen has 1 album, 3 EP's and 2 singles under her belt and has stormed the San Francisco bay area live music scene.  Now with a recent move to Nevada County... she is ready to conquer that scene as well with her dynamic performances.





Credits on "What's For You Won't Go By You" - April 2, 2015 fBoo Music

vocals: Janeen Leah and Scott Cowie

acoustic guitar: Scott Cowie

guitar, sax, keys: Keven Brennan

bass: Kaveh Rastegar

percussion: Davey Chegwidden

-engineered and produced by Keven Brennan

-mastered by Nate Wood

-graphic design: Janeen Leah

-photography: Paola Ibern 


Credits on "I'm On My Way" - Jan. 31, 2015

vocals: Janeen Leah

background vocals: Chloe Brown, Grace Hancock, Tegan Hansen, Morgan Lindow, Ivy Nebeker, Demarae Ralph and Katelin Stewart

acoustic guitar: Janeen Leah

all other instrumentation: Keven Brennan

- written by Janeen Leah with contributing lyrics from Sariah Forth, Tegan Hansen, Diamond Hodge, Ariana Jones, Ann Jorgensen,

Ivy Nebeker, Karla Paredes, Katelin Stewart, Aperila Toleafoa, Aiyanna Joan Verns and Adrianna Zaldivar

- produced by Keven Brennan

- graphic design: Janeen Leah


Credits on "Bird in a Cage" - July 11, 2014

vocals: Janeen Leah

vocals on duet 'Go To Bed': Cliff Goldmacher

ukulele, piano, wurlitzer, nylon string guitar, electric guitar, harmonica: Cliff Goldmacher

bass, upright bass - Dave Francis

-all songs written by:Janeen Leah & CliffGoldmacher

-produced, recorded & mixed by: Cliff Goldmacher

-graphic design: Janeen Leah

-photography: Demarae Ralph



Credits on 'Some Rhyme, Some Reason' - Feb. 8, 2013

vocals: Janeen Leah

rhythm guitars: Tushar Parte, Janeen Leah

lead guitars: Tushar Parte

bass: Domnic Fernandes

drums: Hamza Kazi

piano, trombone: Noam Vazana

all other instrumentation: Tushar Parte

- recorded at Empire Studio in Mumbai, India by Chinmai Harshe

- all songs written by Tushar Parte and Janeen Leah, except 'Begin', 'I Can't Help It', 'I'll Be Fine' and 'Leave the Light On' by Janeen Leah

- all songs produced by Tushar Parte and Janeen Leah


Credits on "Right In Front Of Me" - Oct. 27, 2012

vocals: Janeen Leah

drums: Nate Wood, Sean O'Shea (1)

bass: Nate Wood, Tim Glum (1), Keven Brennan (3)

electric guitar: Nate Wood, Keven Brennan

synths: Nate Wood, Keven Brennan

sax, bass clarinet, melodica: Keven Brennan

background vocals: Janeen Leah, Robin Brennan(6)

 -written by Janeen Leah 

 -produced and engineered by Keven Brennan 

 -art design by Robin Brennan 

 -photography by Paola Ibern



Credits on 'Time is Never Wasted' - Nov 1, 2005 JL Pixie Records, ASCAP

vocals: Janeen Leah

rhythm guitars: Janeen Leah, David Espinoza, Joerg Stoffel

lead guitars: Michael Burke, David Espinoza, Kai Stuffel, Richard Price

bass: Brian McGinty, Cristian Hernandez, Peter Kearns, Marc Bernal

percussion: Peter Kearns, Alan Arana

drums: Brent Wheeler, Paul Marangoni, Kevin Scott, Peter Kearns

synths and piano: Peter Kearns

sax: Keven Brennan

- recorded at West Lake Audio, Los Angeles by Aaron Walk; Musicians Institute, Hollywood by Jeremy Oswin; f. Boo Studio, Burbank by Keven Brennan; exept 'The Sea You've Cried' in Christchurch, New Zealand by Peter Kearns

- all songs written by Janeen Leah, except 'I Melt into You' by Janeen Leah and Kai Stuffel

- all songs produced by Janeen Leah, except 'The Sea You've Cried' by Peter Kearns


Credits on bonus track 'Wine of Conciousness'

tablas and tambourine: Trigun Anna Joshi five string bass: Domnic Fernandes

backing indian female vocals, tampura drone: Suchita Parte

all guitars, resonator slides, shakers and male vocal alaap: Tushar Parte

- recorded at Trinity and Swara Lata Studio in Mumbai, India by Shantanu and Chinmai Harshe, exept vocals at West Lake Audio, Los Angeles

- written by Tushar Parte and Janeen Leah

- produced by Tushar Parte

- all songs mastered at f. Boo Studio by Keven Brennan


Credits on 'Melting in Hazel' EP - 1999 JL Pixie Records, ASCAP (out of print)

vocals: Janeen Leah

guitars: Kai Stuffel, David Espinoza

bass: Cristian Hernandez

drums: Brent Wheeler

synths: Jeremy Oswin

piano: Tommy Reeves

- recorded and mastered at Musicians Institute, Hollywood by Jeremy Oswin

- all songs written by Janeen Leah, except 'Maybe This Time' and 'I Melt into You' by Janeen Leah and Kai Stuffel; 'Giving Everything to You' by Janeen Leah and David Espinoza

- produced by Janeen Leah and Jeremy Oswin, except 'Those Eyes' by Tommy Reeves