Janeen Leah

Expecting Another Baby!


We are so excited to be bringing another beautiful child into our lives to love and cherish just like our other 3 children.  They are my world and my life.  

I've been plagued with all the usual pains and discomforts of pregnancy, so that has kept me further off the stage.  But, I'm just so thankful that the baby and I are healthy, so that's all that matters.  I've just begun the second trimester and that's when in the past pregnancies that I started to feel alive again :-) ...so, I'm hoping to hit the stage soon.  

I miss singing and performing for you all!!  Thanks for sticking with me and stay in touch on my mailing list or social media, so I can keep you updated!


Love!!! XOXO



Taking Time Off


I've been taking time off from live shows to spend time with my family.  Music will always be my passion, but my kids will always be my heart and soul and they come first. I've been feeling a strong pull to take time off these past few months and I don't know when I'll feel otherwise. I'm still open to house concerts once in awhile or anything that I don't have to do all the setting up and promoting. 


There are a few record releases on the horizon!  So stay tuned for that!  In the meantime, connect with me on social media and you'll be 'in the know' when I will hit the stage again!


New Single - Duet with UK Artist, Scott Cowie


I'm so excited for this new release with f.Boo Music!  It's a duet with UK artist, Scott Cowie.  Scott and I met at an open mic in San Francisco during his first visit to the US.  He asked to borrow my guitar and when he got on stage, I was blown away!  That summer we did a short tour in the Bay Area and L.A. and recorded a single together with producer Keven Brennan of f.Boo Music!

If you like a funky groove with pop/folk sensibilities, then you will LOVE this song!!  Check it out here!  There's also a free digital booklet here.


New Single - 'I'm On My Way' - Available Now!


Get the back story and a FREE download here!!


New Single - Releasing January 31, 2015!


I've JUST listened to the new single - a song written at Girls's Camp while I was the Music Director.  I took a song that I knew would be special if the girls contributed to the lyrics...took it to camp with me and low and behold, it happened!  Then my producer, Keven Brennan, loved the song!  I recorded it with him and then the girls came over to my house and we recorded their lovely voices!

 I couldn't be MORE HAPPY with it!!!!  I love it so much!!  It made me ball!!!  I can't even express what it feels like to hear something that I could only hear as an echo in the back of my mind when I started writing it and then now hear it come to life, feels like a miracle!!

 Hear it yourself this Saturday, January 31st!  Link will be posted on that day, so stay tuned.  And get this!....it's a FREE download!!

Produced by Keven Brennan with f.Boo! Music.


MOVING to Grass Valley, CA!


On a bit of a hiatus with playing shows right now during the chaos of moving...but, stay tuned bay area...it's not over!

It's bittersweet cause we will miss our friends in the bay area, but we are excited for a new adventure.  We are moving to our dream house in a dream area!  And, it's a bonus that it's not too far from the bay area...about 2 1/2 hour drive, so I'm keeping my band together and planning on doing shows regularly in the bay area as well as our new surrounding cities....like Sacramento, Roseville, Auburn and of course our new home town, Grass Valley and Nevada City!

I'll post pictures soon, it's so amazingly beautiful there...I thought my heart was going to burst when I first saw the area!  I can't believe I'm going to be waking up to that beauty everyday!!

Awesome things on the horizon...there is the single with UK artist, Scott Cowie, "What's For You"; the single with the Young Women that I served as the Camp Director for their summer camp last July, "I'm On My Way"; the single with Harley Jay, "The Lucky Ones"; the Jason Mraz cover with The Collective; and of course the new EP with producer, Keven Brennan!  Plus another exciting project that is the works!  So, I'll keep you posted with all of this!

Thank you all for being beautiful people.  I love all your comments on facebook and twitter, please keep 'em coming!


Interview on The Talk Music Podcast with Scott Cowie


Check out the interview with everybody's favorite Scotsman, Scott Cowie on The Talk Music Podcast. Thank you Scott and Vivi Rama- it DID bring a tear to my eye! 

I'm excited to be interviewed by Scott on his podcast whose past guests have included; Orianthi, Julian Lennon, Dweezil Zappa, Kaki King and so many others!!  I'm in good company! :-)

Check it out on iTunes!


Honorable mentions in the interview: Keven BrennanRobin Brennanf.Boo MusicVivi RamaTushar ParteCliff GoldmacherPaige ClemMusicians InstituteMike CampbellJami LulaBazaar CafeThe Red Devil Lounge50 Mason Social HouseKulak's WoodshedHarley JayMatthew BellamyMuse,MUTEMATHHotel Utah Saloon


Back In The Studio!!


- Robin Brennan, Janeen Leah, Vivi Rama, Keven Brennan, Scott Cowie - pictured at f.Boo Music Studio.

Just had an amazing time in LA!!  We started working on production for #5!!  (#2 with f.Boo Music!)  With producer Keven Brennan!!  He's so brilliant, love him so much...can't wait to hear what he does this time!!

We got the duet (Scott Cowie and Janeen Leah) 'What's For You' finished and will be available soon!!!  Can't wait for you all to hear it!!  

And for my new EP that we just started on, among the songs is another duet!!  (I'm loving these duets!)  This one is with singer/songwriter, Harley Jay!  It's called 'The Lucky Ones'.  Also on this track is Vivi Rama on bass and Scott Cowie on guitar.

AND another very special song we just started on is, 'I'm On My Way'...this was written just a week prior at a girl's camp with my church where I was the music director...me and some of the girls wrote it together and Keven and Robin love it and they plan to release it as a single!!  I'm so excited and so are the girls!!  These fine young women will be recording their vocals at my house starting August 15, I'll keep you posted on that!

We also had an amazing show, an f.Boo family show!  Myself, Scott Cowie and Keven Brennan...and it was all captured on a 6 camera angle, HD video!!  You can watch at my YouTube channel, Scott's YouTube channel and f.Boo Music's YouTube channel! (there's different videos on each from the same night :)

Check out more photos from the trip on here on facebook.

Also, check out behind the scenes footage with me and Harley Jay...




New EP, 'Bird In A Cage' Coming July 12, 2014


So excited to announce a new EP is coming to your ears July 12th!! I'll post the link in this event page for you to get your digital copy on July 12, 2014. 9am PDT.

A three song co-write EP with producer, Cliff Goldmacher.

Starting with a quirky, fun duet with Cliff Goldmacher, 'Go To Bed' is about the laughable struggles of how a couple with young kids try to keep the spark alive. 'Bird in a Cage' is a thoughtful reveal into the spirit of an artist.  We don't chose our dreams and passions, they are a part of us. Lastly 'Find A Way To Breathe' is a song of longing... simply sexy.

Check out http://www.cliffgoldmacher.com/ to see why I'm so excited to have this EP with him! His songwriting credits include; Spencer Day andJane Monheit. Producer credits include; Kesha.



New Song! Co-Written with Cliff Goldmacher Coming Soon


Yesterday I had an amazing co-writing experience.  I joined songwriter and producer, Cliff Goldmacher at his studio in Sonoma, CA.  

In just a few short hours, a song was written and then recorded...just like that!  I've never experienced that before.  All it took was a short conversation and when asked some questions about myself...I mentioned that, for me not singing would feel like I was putting a bird in a cage.  Cliff, being the gifted songwriter that he is, said there's a song there....and "Bird In a Cage" was born.  The best way to describe the experience is that it felt like he pulled this song right out of my soul.  I can't wait for the world to hear this beautiful song!

I will let you know when it's available, in the meantime....check out Cliff Goldmacher's website and hear all the amazing songs he has written and co-written and check out his thoroughly impressive bio as he has been in the music business for over 20 years.  Cliff has recorded, played on and produced thousands of recordings for major and independent publishers, record labels, up and coming songwriters and Grammy winners.

I told him to turn around for a picture and here he is...is that a winning smile or what!?


Orianthi Interview on Talk Music Podcast - Playlist: Janeen Leah, Sandi Thom, Sweet HayaH, Fernando'


This Thursday (Feb. 6), Grammy award winning artist, Orianthi (also killer guitarist for Michael Jackson on 'This is It' and currently Alice Cooper) interviewed on Talk Music Podcast hosted by Scott Cowie.  Guess who will be on the playlist!?  Yup, little 'ol me and the amazing Sandi Thom, my awesome friends Sweet HayaH and Fernando's Kitchen!!

Check it out here scottcowie.com/podcasts this Thursday!


Cold Planet Interview on THE BONE 107.7 FM


Had to give a shout out to my husband's awesome band - COLD PLANET!  So excited for them that they will be interviewed on THE BONE!  Then that night (January 31st) they will join me and my band at The Bistro in Hayward with another amazing band from San Jose, Melted State at 9pm!

Click on this picture to check out the facebook event for more info and to join!


Performing Live ON THE AIR - Returning to 'Stage Time With Steven Alan Green'


I'm excited to return to funny-man Steven Alan Green's online radio show! Yes, online.....so ANYONE IN THE WORLD CAN TUNE IN!! 
This time I will be accompanied by Art Williams on percussion and Michael Garza on guitar!

Just tune in at http://www.fccfreeradio.com/?page_id=10830 on Monday morning, September 30 (10 am) PDT

Join the facebook event!


Creative Original Artists Radio


Excited to be on the rotation with Creative Original Artists Radio!  Check out the station on jamcityamerica.com


Bazaar Stock #6


Excited to announce that I will be a part of Bazaar Stock 6!! Check out the details below!

KC Turner Presents: Bazaar Stock
Saturday October 19, 2013
36 Local Musicians
(I go on at 12 noon-12:45pm)

Bazaar Cafe
5927 California St.
San Francisco, CA 94121

Event Website: http://www.kcturnerpresents.com/
Venue Website: http://www.bazaarcafe.com/
Official Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/402538603197132/

We will be passing a tip jar. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to "Bazaar Foundation For The Arts" http://bazaarfoundation.com/


Recorded New Single With UK Artist, Scott Cowie


I had such a great time touring with Scott Cowie!  He's such an amazing artist, if you haven't checked out his music yet...head over to scottcowie.com 

We spent an afternoon at f. Boo Studio in LA with producer, Keven Brennan and recorded a song we wrote together.  It is now in post-production and I will let you know asap when it's available.  Can't wait for you to hear it!!!

Check out the photo album on facebook from the tour. Also check out videos from the tour on my youtube channel.


Joining UK Artist, Scott Cowie On His 1st American Tour


I'm so excited to join the amazingly entertaining, Scott Cowie from Scotland on his first tour in the US!  He just kicked off his tour in the UK and will be coming my way the end of July.  I will post the dates soon....for now, check out Scott Cowie at scottcowie.com - check out his videos and you'll see why I'm so excited!

How I met Scott..... it was total fate....at the last min I decided to go to an 'open mic' at The Hotel Utah in San Francisco.  After I signed up, a guy with a Scottish accent asks me if he can borrow my guitar....he was very nice and charming, so I said 'sure!' :-)  Then his turn came to go up....my jaw dropped as at the first note it was clear this guy was an extremely talented musician, then he started singing and I was even more impressed.  But, what I think impressed me the most was that here was this amazing musician, completely entertaining the crowd, totally comfortable up there and cracking everyone up with his song 'Crack Head Whore'.....but with all that rock-stardom that he was showing the audience, he's so down-to-earth and just an all around cool person with absolutely no ego.....that's what impressed me the most.

The reason I say it was fate....he just so happened to be at this open mic because someone told him he should while he was in town....he was in town playing a party for the guy who invented the cassette tape because The Stone Roses weren't available and they recommended Scott for the party!  So, this was just a random thing that both of us happened to be at this open mic...I had never been there before and decided to at the last min, thinking originally I was going to go somewhere else that night.

So, now all because I went to an open mic at The Hotel Utah, I am going to join one of the most amazing artists I have had the pleasure to see live...on his 1st American tour!  Holy crap, I'm excited....ok, I'm done, now go check out his videos...you'll see what I mean...



Online Radio Show-"Stage Time With Steven Alan Green" Featuring Janeen Leah

First Press Reviews For 'Right In Front Of Me' - The New CD


Thank you so much to Danielle Crowe from Bella Online Emerging Music and Morley Seaver from Anti-music for the first press reviews on my new EP, "Right In Front Of Me".  The reviews couldn't be more wonderful!

Danielle says, "The singer-songwriter’s most recent EP "Right In Front Of Me" is simply excellent and shows off several different musical styles of the pop/rock genre. It is haunting, melodic rock at its finest."

For more from her article, click here.

Morley says, "Janeen has the ability to draw you closer to the speakers so you really concentrate on her words. In addition, she can also exude a sultry vocal coating that enables you to get lost in the moment......her songs leave an impression that she carefully gave her all to each track."

For more from his article, click here.


Check it out for yourself, let me know what you have to say about my new CD, I'd love to hear it!  You can leave comments on this page where you can also hear it.  xoxoxo all for the love



Tickets on Sale for April 20th @ Red Devil Lounge


Advance tickets are cheaper than the door price.  Get tickets now and save money!

We want to see you light up the dance floor with your beautiful smiles!!!  And shake that bootay!



Some Rhyme Some Reason - CD Recorded in India


It's HERE!  I'm so excited! Some Rhyme Some Reason....the album I recorded with Tushar Parte in India, is finally here!  You can download individual songs, download the whole CD or buy the physical CD here http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/leahparte  Share the good news!

Leave a review, we would LOVE to hear what you think about it! 


Voting is Now OPEN!!


Vote and get your free download of my song 'Like A Fool' here http://www.reverbnation.com/contests/1522/artist/611

Spread the word and tell your friends!  Each vote gets me closer to the live round which is for me and my awesome band to play Hard Rock Café in San Francisco!!

Thank you!  It means a lot!!!


Hard Rock Rising 2013


I want to make it this year!!  I almost made it to the live round last year....slipped out of the top ten on the last day of voting!  Help me get the word out and invite your friends so it doesn't happen again this year!!  :-)

Everyone all over the world can get a free download of my song 'Like A Fool' from my new EP 'Right In Front Of Me'....those of you within 100 miles of San Francisco, your download counts as a vote.  The top ten bands with the most votes will move on to the live round, which is to play at Hard Rock Café in San Francisco!  Me and my band are itching for this....please help us get the word out!

Voting starts January 28th 10pm EST through February 11th 4pm EST at this link http://www.facebook.com/HRCsanfrancisco

Join us on the event page here http://www.facebook.com/events/397751146976660/

Thank you!! XoXoooxoxoXO (big kiss, little hug, big kiss....:)


Video for 'Some Rhyme Some Reason' - CD Recorded in India with Tushar Parte


Over 4 years ago, I took the opportunity of a life-time and flew to Bombay, India to record an album with Bollywood musician, Tushar Parte at his request.  I feel very blessed to have had this experience....the end result of this fateful collaboration (Tushar found me online) is 'Some Rhyme Some Reason' which was recorded on analog tape in 2 1/2 weeks, with a full band recording live in the studio.

We recorded 10 songs in that short time.  6 of them written by Tushar with lyrics I wrote and 4 of them songs that I wrote which will release at a later date.  This 6 song CD is nothing short of magic....it has a worldly feel like no other piece of music before, it is truly unique, but still catches you reminiscing as if you have heard it before, like from a dream or another life.

Here is the title track 'Some Rhyme Some Reason' set to a video that I created from my personal footage and photos that I took while experiencing Bombay, the studio we recorded in, and Pune a village about 2 hours North of Bombay...technically known as Mumbai.

The CD will release next month, February 2013....this is just a taste of what you will enjoy when the whole CD is available to your ears!



CD Release Show!

Janeen's New EP 'Right In Front Of Me' - OUT NOW


Haunting melodic rock with heart in the fight.
f. Boo! Music announces the highly anticipated new release from soulful songstress, Janeen Leah,'Right In Front Of Me', is available now.

Janeen Leah: Right in Front of Me

'Life Eternal' Performed at 'Music Day By The Bay' August 25, 2012 in San Leandro, CA


I had so much fun, thank you to Gordon Earl!


Interview with Producer, Keven Brennan 'Secret Journey of a Song'


Ever wonder how I work with a Producer in Los Angeles while living in San Francisco? An interview with my Producer, Keven Brennan gives the inside scoop on how we work together. AND listen to a song in it's complete rough, raw form (shortly after I wrote it) then hear what it sounds like after Keven gets his hands on it....it's a really cool comparison, a very drastic contrast which really shows what a brilliant Producer he is! Go to this sitehttp://www.fboo.com/ and scroll slightly down to 'Interview with Producer Keven Brennan, The Secret Journey of a Song'.


Teaser Promo Video for Upcoming EP


Listen to a sample of each song off the new EP....coming soon!  Stay tuned for release date.


Voting Starts Now For Hard Rock Rising 2012!


Voting ends Feb. 6th midnight (EST)!

Get your free download of my song 'Rainy Day' - counts as a vote for me in this year's Hard Rock Rising competition.  

People within 100 miles of San Francisco will count as a 'vote', members of facebook, and have your location filled out in your profile...that's how votes are counted.  But, anyone on facebook around the world can get the free song!

The top 9 will go on to perform live at Hard Rock Cafe San Francisco to compete for a second round.  86 cities competing...the winner plays Hard Rock Cafe in London's Hyde Park!

Thank you for your vote, this is a great opportunity!  Please tell all your friends by 'sharing' your vote....enjoy the free download!

Click here http://www.reverbnation.com/hard_rock_rising/611


The Wait is Almost Over.....

Three years ago at this time I spent my birthday in Bombay, India! A wonderful and magical time, I recorded live in the studio, 6 songs with gifted composer and Bollywood musician, Tushar Parte. Now as a birthday surprise from Tushar...these songs are completed and about to be released to the world!! Click on 'Some Rhyme, Some Reason' at the top of this site to hear a clip from all 6 songs! Stay tuned for the release date!

'Life Eternal' Now Available For Download!

First single from the upcoming record, 'Life Eternal' is now available for download through CDBaby! http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/janeenlead

1st Single From The Upcoming EP, Out Now!!!


 The new five song Rock EP is on it's way to release by end of June. Produced by Keven Brennan; it features Nate Wood (Kneebody) on drums, bass, and guitar; Keven Brennan on drum programming, bass, guitar, sax, keyboard; and Robin Brennan on background vocals.

Just out is the new single "Life Eternal." Click here for more info.


New Record and Show Dates Coming Soon!


After much love and heartache has been poured into my upcoming EP it is in the final stages almost ready to be shared with you!  I'm so excited!!!  I can't wait for everyone to hear it!  Keven Brennan truly is a brilliant producer and I'm so blessed to be working with him!

To kick off the release, I will be hitting the stage all around the San Francisco bay area and then down in the LA area....so, stay tuned for those show dates!


Show in Brisbane, CA Dec. 10th with Cold Planet!

Sneek Peek Into The Next Record!


Upcoming Record Release Teaser Video - f. Boo Music, Janeen Leah



Behind the scenes footage of recording at f. Boo! Studio

New Photos Posted


Some of the photos taken at the photo shoot for the new album are now posted on this site (photos page).  Photos taken by Paola Ibern at P. Magnum Photography (website coming soon) and guitar pick earings by Kelly Westover at Westover Designs http://www.etsy.com/shop/WestoverDesigns

Backstage video footage of the recording session and photo session coming soon!


Studio Session and Photo Shoot


I just came back Wednesday night from LA....I spent two days recording at f. Boo studio with producer, Keven Brennan....and then one day at a photo shoot with Paola Ibern of P. Magnum Photography.  It was a blast!!!  I had so much fun!  I am very blessed to be able to work with such amazing and talented people!

I will post the photos and behind the scences video footage soon! 


Headed to f. Boo Studio!


I'm flying out to LA June 28th to record the final vocal tracks and photo shoot for the upcoming record!  I'm very excited!  I will take behind the scene videos to share with y'all! :-) 


Lilith Fair Contest!


'Time is Never Wasted' has been entered into a CONTEST! It is currently at #75 out of over 500 contestants!  The winner gets to play Lilith Fair! Yes, Lilith Fair!! Voting is going on now!!  Just go to... http://www.ourstage.com/judge4?channel=253-lilith-local-talent-search-los-angeles-san-francisco-and-san-diego 

If you don't have time to go through the voting process, please go to my page here http://www.ourstage.com/profile/janeenleah click on 'Make this my favorite artist' and it will help me in the voting rotation, plus comments, favorites and ratings help too!!  This would be a dream come true for me!! 


Raveena's Album Launch


Raveena, a young Indian singer who I wrote lyrics to two of her songs on her debut album which was just released.  Here is a video from her album launch party.


My Album Mentioned in Mumbai Times


The album I recorded in Bombay, India was just mentioned in an article in Mumbai Times. 

Click here to check out the article.


Next Album Now in Production!

We have officially moved from the pre-production phase to production phase of my new album with f. Boo!! YAY! That means the songs we have been messing around with are taking life and it's really exciting! Perhaps I can give a sample real soon. When I fly out to LA, I will take videos and document the process as much as I can for everyone to check out. So, stay tuned! :-) As far as the project with India's Tushar Parte, I'm working on some of the tracks here on my end while he's plugging away in Bombay...I'll keep you updated on this as well as more unfolds. More soon! :-)

Pictures of Friday's Show at the Historic 23 Club

It was so much fun playing at 23 Club last Friday night! To be able to be on the same stage that was once graced by legends such as Hank Williams, Jerry Lee Lewis and 'The Man in Black'...Johnny Cash! I played with Cristian Hernandez who was on an upright bass and Ben Badura on trumpet. It was the first time just the 3 of us and it was awesome mixing it up like that and venturing into my jazzier side. :-) We will definitely do it again. Check out the pictures on the photo page of this site.

Check out Raveena! I wrote lyrics to two of her songs!

Hey! check out a young singer in India named Raveena, I wrote the lyrics to two of her songs called 'Just Be You' and 'Olu Ya O' on her upcoming album. Her website is http://www.raveenamusic.com Here is her first video release "Mr. DJ"....check it out!!

Another New Moon (Twilight) video made with my song 'Fallen'

This is so cool, I'm loving it! Thank you for making this video, it looks so awesome! I didn't realize just how much the song fit the story til I saw this video! There's a comment posted by the person who made it that I wanted to share, it's really cool! Here it is: This is how I intended it to come across with the lyrics- Why can't you see, I'm on my knees and I'm crawling on the ground for you? (on the ground in the forest after Edward leaves) seperate minds can be one of a kind and now it's the only truth (she always haunted by him and hears his voice in her head) given time it will all come together in this constant plea forever- it was in my grasp, but its fallen too fast (hope for someday Edward coming back, but in so much pain that he left) share your empathy for my tragedy and maybe I can get up off the floor (finding friendship with Jacob) but it seems to easy to cause insanity so now watch I'll cause some more (still haunted by Edward in her head, going crazy and riding motorcycles and jumping off a cliff) -then in the last chorus, given time it will all come together (she and Edward are back together) then the perspective changes from Bella losing Edward to Jacob losing Bella and you know from the books that it goes back and forth from Bella's perspective to Jacob's a couple of times - so, fans of the book probably already picked up on this intention, but just in case :) but, cool huh? perfect!!!

Buzz about New Moon Soundtrack (Twilight Saga)

I just wanted to write and say thank you to the people who are buzzing about wanting my song "Fallen" on the New Moon soundtrack. I'm a HUGE fan of the Twilight series, I read every book before the movie came out!! :-) I never thought that anyone would think that any of my songs would be right for the series, but I'm really excited to think that they could be!! I would LOVE to be a part of any Twilight movie soundtrack! I talked to my label about it and they are going to contact the music suprivisor for the movie, so everybody pray for me!!! :-) And hopefully post-production isn't finished with getting all the songs for the movie, but if it is...maybe for the next one?! ooooh that would be awesome!!! I appreciate anyone helping getting the word out that could bring some attention about this, it definitely would help....so, please keep spreading the word...THANK YOU! I saw the video made on youtube, thanks! It's fun to see the Twilight photos with my music!! Here it is Much love, Janeen

Signed to f.Boo!!

I'm thrilled to announce that I have signed to indie label, f.Boo! We are in pre-production right now for an album written by yours truly and produced by Keven Brennan (he produced my songs "Rainy Day" and "Calloused Heart") Keven is brilliant and I couldn't be more excited to be signed with f. Boo and to work with Keven again!! So, stay tuned....the plan is to release this album this fall........will my 3rd album be finished before my second album is released? I don't know, we shall see. :-) I know that Tushar is working hard and it's going to be amazing, whenever it's released! It will be a different flavor anyway....because it's not just my album it's Janeen Leah and Tushar Parte! So, I guess technically it's not my second album, it's OUR first album and this album with f. Boo will be MY 2nd album! If you want to get technical. :-) Well, I just wanted to give you all this exciting news flash! Check out http://www.fboo.com for the press release and more info on f.Boo! More soon, Janeen

Album Recorded in India, Release Date Unknown

Tushar and the rest of the crew are still working on the finishing details of the album in India. So, for now the date is unknown...I will let you know as soon as I know when there is a release date scheduled!! Thanks for your patience! I'm trying not to be to restless...I promise it will be worth the wait! I'm so excited for you all to hear it!! Thanks! Janeen

Update on Album Recorded in India!

I had a wonderful 2 1/2 weeks in Bombay, India!! I finished up my work on the upcoming album with Tushar Parte who I collaborated with. 10 songs in all...6 of them Tushar and I wrote together. I can't wait for everyone to hear it!!! I'm really proud of it and Tushar is such a talented composer and producer! You can see pictures from my trip to India on the 'photos' page of this site and more photos at my MySpace page http://www.myspace.com/janeenleah

Recording a Collaboration Album In August...in India!

I will be in the studio for 2 weeks straight recording my next album!! I am working hard on writing and collaborating with Tushar Parte (collaborated on 'Wine of Conciousness' together) 4 songs on the album written by me and 6 songs written together with Tushar. I'm so excited! The songs that we have done together so far sound awesome! Tushar is very creative and we work well together. - Janeen

July 21st - The Arrival of My Twins!

I just gave birth to healthy boy/girl twins July 21st! James and Evelyn. I am recovering quickly from a C-section and the twins are thriving and growing each day! I couldn't be more thrilled about the addition to our family! Michael is of course thrilled to have another son and a beautiful girl he calls his princess. He says their is a halo around her. :-) Our 5 year old Isaac, is so excited to be a big brother! I am gearing up to start gigging again in March 2008. Looking forward to seeing all of you faces again in the crowd....I've missed playing shows! :-) See you soon! - Janeen


'Calloused Heart' and 'Rainy Day' are finished and ready for your listening pleasure!! I'm so happy with them! They are masterfully captured by genius producer Keven Brennan....who also contributed on most of the instrumentation as well! Stream the clips at my MySpace page then download the full length songs from the store below the player (or this site on the 'buy' page)!! (Scroll all the way to the bottom of store for 'Calloused Heart' and 'Rainy Day') Go to http://www.myspace.com/janeenleah to download today!! YAY! Thanks! -Janeen

I am a Featured Artist on SayNow.com with SXSW!

Thanks to all of you showing your love and support and leaving a voice message for me with saynow.com! I am a featured artist on their home page! Help continue to spread the word, I'm the only... or one of the only independent artists featured..... along side major label artists Fantasia Barrino and R Kelly....they have major music machines backing them and promoting them......I have the best kind of promotion of all!!! Word of mouth by great fans like YOU!!! Because it's sincere, and things are going really well. So, thanks so much, it means a lot to me! Keep it up!! Leave me a message and keep telling your friends to check out my music and have them leave me a message too! (To leave a message, enter your phone number in the saynow.com banner above or text janeenleah to 729669) Thanks, Janeen

LIVE on Air Interview!

I will be on Head Case Radio this Saturday (March 10th) 2pm pacific time (check your time zone), for a live interview. Tune in by going to http://www.headcaseradio.com Check it out!!! This is what Head Case Radio's mailer had to say promoting it> "On THE SPECTRUM next Saturday March 10th (1-4pm, Pacific time), we'll be joined on the phone by the one and only JANEEN LEAH, recently relocated to San Francisco from Los Angeles. Janeen has been with us for quite a long time, we're extremely pleased that she'll be talking with us on Saturday. The interview will begin at 2:00pm - don't miss it!" Thanks! -Janeen

News From the Studio!

I have almost finished recording 2 new songs with producer Keven Brennan! I will also record a song written by Keven....and maybe a few more written by me. :-) Things are being played by ear, not knowing the final outcome...EP? Album? It's just unfolding with much excitement and anticipation! More news on this coming soon! -Janeen

Another Rave Review!

BellaOnline.com - 'The Voice of Women' has an Emerging Music section where I am featured for a review of my album 'Time is Never Wasted'. Peggy has nothing but pure excitement about me and my music. YAY :-) Check it out here http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art49149.asp -Janeen

Tune in to KCLA fm!

My songs are now on Patty's Playlist, Sundays 12-12:30pm on KCLA 97.3 Los Angeles and www.kclafm.com. Tune in and make requests! Thanks for the support! -Janeen

FREE Ring-tones!

5 songs available for your ring-tone! It's free and easy! Go to my MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/janeenleah and scroll down to the banner that says Beta Ring-tones. You can even preview before you chose! Remember it's Free! Great exposure and support for my music! Thanks, Janeen

Support Me on SellaBand.com

Buzz is being generated about a new website called SellaBand. Band's and artist's can now have their fans support their careers in a very direct way. Fans can invest in the artist or band that they believe will make it. They now have the power to chose who they want to hear make an album! Gone will be the days of the major labels deciding if we will like it or not!! Music fans can buy a 'share' or 'part' in the artist. When the artist/band gets up to a certain amount then that amount is put toward studio time for the artist to make an album. Go to my page on the site and learn how to become a 'believer'. Go to http://www.sellaband.com/janeenleah/ I appreciate the support so much! Janeen

Review from Entertainment World

Another rave review for "Time is Never Wasted". Go to http://entertainmentworld.us/musicreviews.asp to check it out! YAY!! :-) Janeen

Move to San Francisco

I have moved to the San Francisco bay area. I am currently enjoying getting settled into our new home and enjoying all the beauties that the bay has to offer!! I will announce when I start playing shows in the area. Looking forward to getting all unpacked and emersing myself in the music scene here! -Janeen

I'm Back in The Studio!

I will be taking a break from live shows for awhile to focus on recording. I went into the studio today and finished the song for the 'Apples of Eve' compilation CD. ( Check out http://www.applesofeve.com ) I wrote the lyrics and melody to the music by Mr. Black of Mr. Black Experiment. For more information, go to the website.... release of the compilation CD is to be announced. I am also headed to the studio to begin working with Keven Brennan...he will produce 2 of my songs and write and produce another song for me to record. Keven plays sax in my band and on my album 'Time is Never Wasted' of which he also recorded, mixed and mastered. More news on these 3 songs as things unfold!! -Janeen

New Review!

Another glowing review on my debut album, given by Samantha at The Dominant Allele. :-D YAY Check it out here: http://thedominantallele.tripod.com/id70.html -Janeen

Now Available Through iTunes!

'Time is Never Wasted' is finally available through iTunes, the biggest digital download music store in the world! Go to http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?id=97201605&s=143441 Woo Hoo iTunes!!! :-D Happy Downloading! :-) -Janeen

Listen to the Entire Album!

I am a featured artist this month at CD Reviews By You. You can listen to lengthy clips of the WHOLE ALBUM at the link here: http://cdreviewsbyyou.com/feature.php?reviewID=3&styleID=11 Spread the word!! :-) Janeen

New Interview

I was just interviewd by Jere Fritsche and it is now posted online here http://www.shipwreckislandstudios.com/interviews/2006/leah022006.htm Check it out! :-) Janeen

Review in Music Connection Magazine

We received a glowing review of one of my band's live shows in the current issue of Music Connection (02/13/06) by reviewer Bob Leggett!! Woo Hoo!! Check it out in the 'club reviews' section. On news stands now or online at Music Connection.com here (The article will only be published online for 2 weeks - the article is also found on the 'press' page of this site.) -Janeen

Radio Play on Radio Fedra 106.8 Mhz in Serbia

My songs are now being aired on Radio Fedra 106.8 Mhz in Serbia! Interesting background on the station: Radio Fedra (est. 1998) is the first radio sation in Serbia that is in the property of an NGO (Fedra Foundation). Milosevic’s regime closed (1999-2000) our radio for political reasons because we were fighting for democracy. After his fall, we reopened the radio station and since then our mission is to help the democratization of our country. The radio station is organized by approximately 30 volunteers that realize the program in 7 languages that are used in this area. The service zone include 3 million potential listeners. Radio Fedra in its special show called ”Promophone” present musicians from all over the world who make music of good quality, but who are not well known in Serbia. Visit http://www.fedraradio.org.yu Pretty cool, huh? -Janeen

New Interview and 2 New Reviews

Another interview from Morley Seaver on my album posted on NowOnTour.com. Read it here: http://www.nowontour.com/news/interviews/00085.php Also, he has posted another incredible review also on NowOnTour.com here: http://www.nowontour.com/reviews/record/00766.php There's one more new and outstanding review from Jere Fritsche on ShipWreckIslandStudios.com that will be posted Monday the 16th here: http://www.shipwreckislandstudios.com YAY, I'm excited to have so many positive reviews of the album....that's a nice bonus to have good press...I was just wanting to put out an album of songs that I enjoy. It's very rewarding that others enjoy it too. :-) Janeen

'Time is Never Wasted' - Best album of 2005!

'Time is Never Wasted' picked by music reviewer, Morley Seaver at antiMusic.com as the best album of 2005! You can read about it here: http://www.antimusic.com/specials/05/best/ms.shtml Cool, huh? :-) Janeen

Online Interview

Interviewer and reviewer, Morley Seaver says: "Hey all Janeen Leah fans, Check out an interview I just did with Janeen this week. It's posted here: http://www.antimusic.com/morley/05/Janeen.shtml And if you haven't bought the record yet, what are you waiting for? This is one of the best CDs of the year. Not one bad song on it. And Janeen's voice....heaven on a disc!!!" Yay! Thanks Morley! :-) Janeen

Downloads Available through Napster.com

Download any or all individual tracks from "Time is Never Wasted" through Napster.com - go to http://www.napster.com and do a search for Janeen Leah (Available through Itunes and more coming soon!) YAY! -Janeen

"You Wasted a Good One" now airing on Maui's WILD 105.5

"'You Wasted A Good One' sounds awesome on the radio. Such a powerful song." - Michael McCartney WILD 105.5 KPMW Check out www.myspace.com/thetimemachine I'm excited to have airplay in Hawaii! Awesome! :-) -Janeen

Radio Stations Airing My Songs (More Coming Soon!):

HeadCaseRadio - http://www.headcaseradio.com NetRadio100 - http://www.netradio100.com ClassicFM - Z889 - http://www.angelfire.com/music2/classicfm Songs can be requested online, click on links to learn how!