Janeen Leah

Another New Moon (Twilight) video made with my song 'Fallen'

This is so cool, I'm loving it! Thank you for making this video, it looks so awesome! I didn't realize just how much the song fit the story til I saw this video! There's a comment posted by the person who made it that I wanted to share, it's really cool! Here it is: This is how I intended it to come across with the lyrics- Why can't you see, I'm on my knees and I'm crawling on the ground for you? (on the ground in the forest after Edward leaves) seperate minds can be one of a kind and now it's the only truth (she always haunted by him and hears his voice in her head) given time it will all come together in this constant plea forever- it was in my grasp, but its fallen too fast (hope for someday Edward coming back, but in so much pain that he left) share your empathy for my tragedy and maybe I can get up off the floor (finding friendship with Jacob) but it seems to easy to cause insanity so now watch I'll cause some more (still haunted by Edward in her head, going crazy and riding motorcycles and jumping off a cliff) -then in the last chorus, given time it will all come together (she and Edward are back together) then the perspective changes from Bella losing Edward to Jacob losing Bella and you know from the books that it goes back and forth from Bella's perspective to Jacob's a couple of times - so, fans of the book probably already picked up on this intention, but just in case :) but, cool huh? perfect!!!