Janeen Leah

Back In The Studio!!

- Robin Brennan, Janeen Leah, Vivi Rama, Keven Brennan, Scott Cowie - pictured at f.Boo Music Studio.

Just had an amazing time in LA!!  We started working on production for #5!!  (#2 with f.Boo Music!)  With producer Keven Brennan!!  He's so brilliant, love him so much...can't wait to hear what he does this time!!

We got the duet (Scott Cowie and Janeen Leah) 'What's For You' finished and will be available soon!!!  Can't wait for you all to hear it!!  

And for my new EP that we just started on, among the songs is another duet!!  (I'm loving these duets!)  This one is with singer/songwriter, Harley Jay!  It's called 'The Lucky Ones'.  Also on this track is Vivi Rama on bass and Scott Cowie on guitar.

AND another very special song we just started on is, 'I'm On My Way'...this was written just a week prior at a girl's camp with my church where I was the music director...me and some of the girls wrote it together and Keven and Robin love it and they plan to release it as a single!!  I'm so excited and so are the girls!!  These fine young women will be recording their vocals at my house starting August 15, I'll keep you posted on that!

We also had an amazing show, an f.Boo family show!  Myself, Scott Cowie and Keven Brennan...and it was all captured on a 6 camera angle, HD video!!  You can watch at my YouTube channel, Scott's YouTube channel and f.Boo Music's YouTube channel! (there's different videos on each from the same night :)  

Check out more photos from the trip on here on facebook.

Also, check out behind the scenes footage with me and Harley Jay...