Janeen Leah

Buzz about New Moon Soundtrack (Twilight Saga)

I just wanted to write and say thank you to the people who are buzzing about wanting my song "Fallen" on the New Moon soundtrack. I'm a HUGE fan of the Twilight series, I read every book before the movie came out!! :-) I never thought that anyone would think that any of my songs would be right for the series, but I'm really excited to think that they could be!! I would LOVE to be a part of any Twilight movie soundtrack! I talked to my label about it and they are going to contact the music suprivisor for the movie, so everybody pray for me!!! :-) And hopefully post-production isn't finished with getting all the songs for the movie, but if it is...maybe for the next one?! ooooh that would be awesome!!! I appreciate anyone helping getting the word out that could bring some attention about this, it definitely would help....so, please keep spreading the word...THANK YOU! I saw the video made on youtube, thanks! It's fun to see the Twilight photos with my music!! Here it is Much love, Janeen