Janeen Leah

First Press Reviews For 'Right In Front Of Me' - The New CD

Thank you so much to Danielle Crowe from Bella Online Emerging Music and Morley Seaver from Anti-music for the first press reviews on my new EP, "Right In Front Of Me".  The reviews couldn't be more wonderful!

Danielle says, "The singer-songwriter’s most recent EP "Right In Front Of Me" is simply excellent and shows off several different musical styles of the pop/rock genre. It is haunting, melodic rock at its finest."

For more from her article, click here.

Morley says, "Janeen has the ability to draw you closer to the speakers so you really concentrate on her words. In addition, she can also exude a sultry vocal coating that enables you to get lost in the moment......her songs leave an impression that she carefully gave her all to each track."

For more from his article, click here.


Check it out for yourself, let me know what you have to say about my new CD, I'd love to hear it!  You can leave comments on this page where you can also hear it.  xoxoxo all for the love