Janeen Leah

Joining UK Artist, Scott Cowie On His 1st American Tour

I'm so excited to join the amazingly entertaining, Scott Cowie from Scotland on his first tour in the US!  He just kicked off his tour in the UK and will be coming my way the end of July.  I will post the dates soon....for now, check out Scott Cowie at scottcowie.com - check out his videos and you'll see why I'm so excited!

How I met Scott..... it was total fate....at the last min I decided to go to an 'open mic' at The Hotel Utah in San Francisco.  After I signed up, a guy with a Scottish accent asks me if he can borrow my guitar....he was very nice and charming, so I said 'sure!' :-)  Then his turn came to go up....my jaw dropped as at the first note it was clear this guy was an extremely talented musician, then he started singing and I was even more impressed.  But, what I think impressed me the most was that here was this amazing musician, completely entertaining the crowd, totally comfortable up there and cracking everyone up with his song 'Crack Head Whore'.....but with all that rock-stardom that he was showing the audience, he's so down-to-earth and just an all around cool person with absolutely no ego.....that's what impressed me the most.

The reason I say it was fate....he just so happened to be at this open mic because someone told him he should while he was in town....he was in town playing a party for the guy who invented the cassette tape because The Stone Roses weren't available and they recommended Scott for the party!  So, this was just a random thing that both of us happened to be at this open mic...I had never been there before and decided to at the last min, thinking originally I was going to go somewhere else that night.

So, now all because I went to an open mic at The Hotel Utah, I am going to join one of the most amazing artists I have had the pleasure to see live...on his 1st American tour!  Holy crap, I'm excited....ok, I'm done, now go check out his videos...you'll see what I mean...