Janeen Leah

MOVING to Grass Valley, CA!

On a bit of a hiatus with playing shows right now during the chaos of moving...but, stay tuned bay area...it's not over!

It's bittersweet cause we will miss our friends in the bay area, but we are excited for a new adventure.  We are moving to our dream house in a dream area!  And, it's a bonus that it's not too far from the bay area...about 2 1/2 hour drive, so I'm keeping my band together and planning on doing shows regularly in the bay area as well as our new surrounding cities....like Sacramento, Roseville, Auburn and of course our new home town, Grass Valley and Nevada City!

I'll post pictures soon, it's so amazingly beautiful there...I thought my heart was going to burst when I first saw the area!  I can't believe I'm going to be waking up to that beauty everyday!!

Awesome things on the horizon...there is the single with UK artist, Scott Cowie, "What's For You"; the single with the Young Women that I served as the Camp Director for their summer camp last July, "I'm On My Way"; the single with Harley Jay, "The Lucky Ones"; the Jason Mraz cover with The Collective; and of course the new EP with producer, Keven Brennan!  Plus another exciting project that is the works!  So, I'll keep you posted with all of this!

Thank you all for being beautiful people.  I love all your comments on facebook and twitter, please keep 'em coming!