Janeen Leah

New EP, 'Bird In A Cage' Coming July 12, 2014

So excited to announce a new EP is coming to your ears July 12th!! I'll post the link in this event page for you to get your digital copy on July 12, 2014. 9am PDT.

A three song co-write EP with producer, Cliff Goldmacher.

Starting with a quirky, fun duet with Cliff Goldmacher, 'Go To Bed' is about the laughable struggles of how a couple with young kids try to keep the spark alive. 'Bird in a Cage' is a thoughtful reveal into the spirit of an artist.  We don't chose our dreams and passions, they are a part of us. Lastly 'Find A Way To Breathe' is a song of longing... simply sexy.

Check out http://www.cliffgoldmacher.com/ to see why I'm so excited to have this EP with him! His songwriting credits include; Spencer Day andJane Monheit. Producer credits include; Kesha.