Janeen Leah

New Interview and 2 New Reviews

Another interview from Morley Seaver on my album posted on NowOnTour.com. Read it here: http://www.nowontour.com/news/interviews/00085.php Also, he has posted another incredible review also on NowOnTour.com here: http://www.nowontour.com/reviews/record/00766.php There's one more new and outstanding review from Jere Fritsche on ShipWreckIslandStudios.com that will be posted Monday the 16th here: http://www.shipwreckislandstudios.com YAY, I'm excited to have so many positive reviews of the album....that's a nice bonus to have good press...I was just wanting to put out an album of songs that I enjoy. It's very rewarding that others enjoy it too. :-) Janeen