Janeen Leah

New Single - Releasing January 31, 2015!

I've JUST listened to the new single - a song written at Girls's Camp while I was the Music Director.  I took a song that I knew would be special if the girls contributed to the lyrics...took it to camp with me and low and behold, it happened!  Then my producer, Keven Brennan, loved the song!  I recorded it with him and then the girls came over to my house and we recorded their lovely voices!

 I couldn't be MORE HAPPY with it!!!!  I love it so much!!  It made me ball!!!  I can't even express what it feels like to hear something that I could only hear as an echo in the back of my mind when I started writing it and then now hear it come to life, feels like a miracle!!

 Hear it yourself this Saturday, January 31st!  Link will be posted on that day, so stay tuned.  And get this!....it's a FREE download!!

Produced by Keven Brennan with f.Boo! Music.