Janeen Leah

Radio Play on Radio Fedra 106.8 Mhz in Serbia

My songs are now being aired on Radio Fedra 106.8 Mhz in Serbia! Interesting background on the station: Radio Fedra (est. 1998) is the first radio sation in Serbia that is in the property of an NGO (Fedra Foundation). Milosevic’s regime closed (1999-2000) our radio for political reasons because we were fighting for democracy. After his fall, we reopened the radio station and since then our mission is to help the democratization of our country. The radio station is organized by approximately 30 volunteers that realize the program in 7 languages that are used in this area. The service zone include 3 million potential listeners. Radio Fedra in its special show called ”Promophone” present musicians from all over the world who make music of good quality, but who are not well known in Serbia. Visit http://www.fedraradio.org.yu Pretty cool, huh? -Janeen