Janeen Leah

Signed to f.Boo!!

I'm thrilled to announce that I have signed to indie label, f.Boo! We are in pre-production right now for an album written by yours truly and produced by Keven Brennan (he produced my songs "Rainy Day" and "Calloused Heart") Keven is brilliant and I couldn't be more excited to be signed with f. Boo and to work with Keven again!! So, stay tuned....the plan is to release this album this fall........will my 3rd album be finished before my second album is released? I don't know, we shall see. :-) I know that Tushar is working hard and it's going to be amazing, whenever it's released! It will be a different flavor anyway....because it's not just my album it's Janeen Leah and Tushar Parte! So, I guess technically it's not my second album, it's OUR first album and this album with f. Boo will be MY 2nd album! If you want to get technical. :-) Well, I just wanted to give you all this exciting news flash! Check out http://www.fboo.com for the press release and more info on f.Boo! More soon, Janeen