Janeen Leah

Video for 'Some Rhyme Some Reason' - CD Recorded in India with Tushar Parte

Over 4 years ago, I took the opportunity of a life-time and flew to Bombay, India to record an album with Bollywood musician, Tushar Parte at his request.  I feel very blessed to have had this experience....the end result of this fateful collaboration (Tushar found me online) is 'Some Rhyme Some Reason' which was recorded on analog tape in 2 1/2 weeks, with a full band recording live in the studio.

We recorded 10 songs in that short time.  6 of them written by Tushar with lyrics I wrote and 4 of them songs that I wrote which will release at a later date.  This 6 song CD is nothing short of magic....it has a worldly feel like no other piece of music before, it is truly unique, but still catches you reminiscing as if you have heard it before, like from a dream or another life.

Here is the title track 'Some Rhyme Some Reason' set to a video that I created from my personal footage and photos that I took while experiencing Bombay, the studio we recorded in, and Pune a village about 2 hours North of Bombay...technically known as Mumbai.

The CD will release next month, February 2013....this is just a taste of what you will enjoy when the whole CD is available to your ears!