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As we all know, when it comes to Chinese football, many people don't think of the national football, but a giant of the Chinese Super League, that is, Guangzhou Evergrande. Indeed, in recent years, Guangzhou Evergrande has created many unparalleled results whether in the Super League, the AFC level, or even on the world stage. He has become a symbol of Chinese football.


Indeed, Guangzhou Evergrande has opened an era of Chinese football, that is, the era of Jin Yuan. They rushed to the Super League, the first thing is to spend a huge amount of money to introduce a world-class foreign aid such as Kongka, many people could not understand. As a result, I fully understand the role of Kongka in Evergrande. Super foreign aid can indeed increase the team's combat effectiveness by several levels. But football is an overall sport. In addition to the performance of foreign players, they have also done the most important thing, that is, hoarding a large number of national footballs, and they continue to increase and update the national football every year. It can be said that at the peak of Guangzhou Evergrande, the players on the field are all internationals, and the benches are all internationals. Even some popular international players can't even make the first team roster and can only pass the time in the reserve team.


It can be said that such a strong main lineup and the thickness of the bench have become the reason for the good results of the Hengda line. In 9 years, they won 8 championships in the Super League, and also set a miracle of 7 consecutive championships. In addition, they also won 2 FA Cup championships and 4 Super Cup championships. At the level of the AFC, Evergrande is also the pride of the Chinese Super League. They won the AFC Champions League in 2013 and 2015 respectively, creating miracles. And they also entered the semi-finals twice in the following year's Club World Cup, winning glory for Asian football. It can be said that Guangzhou Evergrande has been regarded as an Asian giant.


However, the wind direction of the Super League in the past two years has begun to change. The giants realized that the endless high investment will eventually drag down the club, so they no longer blindly chase big-name foreign aid and hoard international football, and began to focus on the long-term development of the team. So they began to get younger, especially Guangzhou Evergrande, they almost won the main lineup of the U23 national team before the 19 season. In the 19th season, they also shined, playing a wave of 13 consecutive victories and successfully regaining the Chinese Super League championship.


However, Evergrande currently does not have much advantage in fighting young players. Because although they have a lot of money and big business, their investment in youth training is relatively late, and it takes time for youth training to be effective. Therefore, with the football association restricting the maximum annual salary of players, they have no advantage in playing young cards. Big.


And if you really play a young card, a team has the greatest advantage in the Super League. This team is Shandong Luneng team. As early as 20 years ago, when the teams did not pay attention to or even ignored the youth training, Luneng started its own youth training and invested a lot in youth training every year. Therefore, the Luneng football academy has been able to continuously enter outstanding young players for the Luneng first team. Of course, it is not just Luneng who has benefited. In recent years, Luneng football academy has also exported a lot of players for the Super League, the Chinese A, the B and even the C. Just like the current Super League teams, almost every team has players trained by Luneng. It can be said that the existence of Luneng Football School has delayed the decline of Chinese football and alleviated the lack of Chinese football talents. Even Wei Shihao, the most relied striker star of Guangzhou Evergrande, is also a product of Luneng Youth Training.


The power of the Luneng youth training this season has also begun to show up. Not only did many young players rise in the first team of this team, such as midfielder Duan Liuyu, he is regarded as the core midfielder of the future Chinese team, and the high center forward Guo Tianyu on the front line is also known as the native Pellet. The young players on loan from other teams Luneng are also strong. For example, Chen Pu, who was loaned to the newly promoted Shijiazhuang Yongchang, saved the team from the bench for several consecutive rounds. There are also many Luneng teenagers who scored goals in China's First Division, such as Fang Hao, who returned from Brazil. It can be said that continuing, we have seen the rise of Luneng.


In the recently announced N亚搏彩票app客服ational Football squad, Luneng originally had only 4 people. They were captain Hao Junmin, high center forward Guo Tianyu, midfielder Jin Jingdao and winger Liu Binbin. Evergrande is the most. They have 6 people selected, including 3 naturalized players Exon, Fernando and Jiang Guangtai. However, due to the injury of Wuhan Zall's international footballer Liu Yun, Li Tie was replaced. His choice was Luneng's winger Wu Xinghan. This is also the first time Wu Xinghan has been selected for the national football team. In the Shandong Luneng team, Liu Binbin is Wu Xinghan’s substitute. This time Wu Xinghan’s selection shows that Li Tie trusts Luneng’s wing very much. In the future, the national football’s wing will be given to Luneng. Up.

在最近宣布的国家足球队中,鲁能原本只有4人。他们是上尉郝俊民,高中锋郭天宇,中场金敬道和边锋刘斌彬。恒大是最多的。他们有6人入选,其中包括3名入籍球员Exon,Fernando和Jiang Guangtai。但是,由于武汉扎尔的国际足球运动员刘云受伤,李铁被换下。他的选择是鲁能的边锋吴兴汉。这也是吴兴汉第一次入选国家足球队。在山东鲁能队中,刘彬彬是吴兴汉的替补。这次吴兴汉的选择表明,李铁非常信任鲁能的球队。将来,国家足球队将派给鲁能。向上。

In fact, this is just the beginning. In the future, I believe that with the maturity of young players, more and more Luneng manufacturing will enter the national team, and it is even possible to carry half the sky of the national football team. Because Luneng’s youth training has come to produce talents. How do you think of this? Which Luneng players do you think will enter the national team? Friends are welcome to discuss together in the comment area!


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