Janeen Leah


Janeen Leah Band formed November 2012.  

I started out solo, playing coffee houses when I was 16.  After I moved to Hollywood when I was 18, I began to put a band together.  It was always very difficult to hold the same members due to life circumstances - work, moving, having babies....you know.... life.  So, I always just remained solo.  I put out records with session players, played shows with great musicians and a few who stayed with me through the thick and thin, but then I had to leave them when I moved from LA to the bay area.    

Now for the first time in my life I've had a group of musicians stick together long enough that we have truly become a band.  I thought about giving us a traditional band name, but that felt like starting over after years of paying my dues as an artist....playing shows, putting out records, building an online presence and fan-base.  So to keep things simple, we just call ourselves, Janeen Leah Band.

We are a very dynamic and versatile band. We will put on intimate acoustic shows, rock'in full band electrified shows and anything in between.  Parties, house concerts, corporate events, weddings and venues, we do it all.  However you want us, we will be there and we guarantee a great show.

For booking, email janeenleah@yahoo.com or call 510-303-3543.


Janeen Leah - vocals, acoustic guitar 


Michael Burke - lead and rhythm guitar


Alfredo Iraheta Jr. - bass


Art Williams - drums